How to Write a Good Job Description

How to Write a Good Job Description

0:02 How-to Write a Good Job Description 0:39 Job descriptions are an essential part of hiring and managing employees. 0:48 These written summaries serve as a key basis for outlining employees’ performance expectations, job training, job evaluation, and career advancement. 0:58 What to include in a Job Description 1:16 Good job descriptions typically begin with […]

Labor Laws by Company Size Chart

Labor Law Penalties by Company Size & Federal Labor Laws

0:20 Labor Laws and How They Apply to You as a small to medium size business owner 0:39 There are more than 15 federal labor laws that your company must comply with 0:44 Companies with one or more employee must comply with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 0:55 Collect information on employee’s […]

College Grads

College Graduated

0:02 Thinking of staffing up your business by hiring new college grads 0:05 Learn what smart employers are doing to prepare their recent hires 0:09 Welcome to HR over Coffee where we discuss compelling and timely topics in HR and Benefits management 0:26 Tips for Hiring New Graduates 0:38 It turns out, many hiring managers […]