The Job Application

0:03 The job application form is important in the recruitment process. 0:31 An application provides important information – such as educational and employment history – that is not always included on a candidate’s resume. 0:39 Requiring all qualified applicants to complete an application form prior to conducting interviews can lead to more productive meetings, since […]

COBRA Mistakes – Do’s and Don’ts

0:02 COBRA violations can cost your company big. 0:38 COBRA is an acronym for the federal Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985. 0:46 This law gives certain employees and their family members the right to continue group health benefits provided by an employer when the employee’s job loss, death, or other specified events would […]

Employee Name Changes

0:15 There’s a lot in a name. The reasons Americans change our names are as diverse as our country itself…marriage, divorce, adoption, blending or hyphenating names, immigration or simply the desire for a moniker that seems to fit better. 0:57 As an employer, a name change definitely matters to you. Your responsibilities fall across five […]