Managing a Chronically Late Employee

late employee

00:42 A perpetually tardy employee has the potential to do harm to your business, both in terms of productivity and morale. Failing to address the situation amounts to tacitly allowing it and you’re sending the rest of your employees the message that lateness is acceptable and tolerated. Even worse, you could be accused of favoritism […]

Benefits of the New Hire Check-In

new hire check-in

00:06 A proper orientation program allows new hires to be more productive at a faster pace by making sure they understand the procedures that help your company run smoothly, setting expectations for performance, and providing a formal opportunity to ask questions. 00:42 Even if your company doesn’t conduct a formal orientation or onboarding program, there […]

Minimizing the Cost of Employee Turnover

employee turnover

00:42 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median employee tenure of U.S. workers is 4.6 years. However, when it comes to younger workers, in the age group 25 to 34, that number drops to just 3 years. 01:18 The hard costs of employee turnover include things such as administrative processing of an employee’s […]