The ABCs of Minimizing Workplace Stress

workplace stress

00:37 According to the American Psychological Association, work is a commonly reported source of stress for Americans, second only to money. And even more troubling, 1 in 5 individuals never engage in an activity to help relieve or manage stress. 00:52 Long work hours, concerns about job security, and other job-related stressors can cause symptoms […]

5 Tips for Office Holiday Party Planning

office holiday party

00:05 Whether it’s big or small, lavish or simple, your holiday party is more than just an end-of-year celebration. It’s a great opportunity to gather your employee for recreation, motivation, team building, and recognition. 00:52 Plan early and communicate the date and time to your employees. You likely want to avoid the latter half of […]

Money and Motivation

money and motivation

00:21 As a business owner or manager, money and salaries are always top of mind as you work to compensate and incentivize employees. 00:51 “He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money.“ –Benjamin Franklin 01:23 If you’re tight with the purse strings, you’ll likely […]