5 Moves to Help Managers Minimize Lawsuits

Help Managers Minimize Lawsuits

00:13 Strong managers build your company’s profitability and reputation as a great place to work. But even great managers, with the best of intentions, can inadvertently make mistakes that might expose your company to lawsuits and fines.

00:58 Your managers, who are the first line of employee contact, have the power to minimize some of that exposure. Let’s take a look at five moves your managers can make to reduce your risk of a lawsuit.
01:10 Document everything! This starts with the interview and extends to every aspect of management and supervisory functions. Remember, any document can potentially be used as a piece of evidence in the event of a lawsuit, so managers must be thorough.

02:01 Make sure your managers understand the legal aspects of discrimination and workplace harassment. There are numerous federal and state laws that offer protection from discrimination based on gender, race, age, religion, disability, ethnic or cultural background, sexual orientation and other factors.

02:52 Train your managers in appropriate disciplinary procedures. If you do not already have such procedures in place, consider developing a progressive discipline policy and direct your managers on how to implement it consistently and fairly.

03:30 Make sure that managers truly understand corporate policy and manage accordingly. Every organization should maintain and distribute a print or digital format corporate handbook.

03:55 Displaying fairness, approachability and accountability will go a long way toward both managing effectively and building goodwill among employees. This is particularly true when an employee has a complaint or issue, or when something goes wrong.

04:30 There is no magic formula for perfect management, and no guarantee that your company won’t become the target of an employee lawsuit. But taking time to help your managers cover these bases will go a long way toward protecting your company and your future.

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