5 Tips for Office Holiday Party Planning

office holiday party

00:05 Whether it’s big or small, lavish or simple, your holiday party is more than just an end-of-year celebration. It’s a great opportunity to gather your employee for recreation, motivation, team building, and recognition.

00:52 Plan early and communicate the date and time to your employees. You likely want to avoid the latter half of December, when many employees take unused vacation time or have family plans.

01:27 Other things to consider, depending on your budget and wishes, are a day vs. nighttime event, whether you’ll host on- or off-site, and whether your party will be limited to employees only or will include spouses, significant others, or family.

01:41 Next, get creative. You need not be confined by the traditional cocktail event or sit-down dinner. Think about hosting your party at a museum, or take a “field trip” to a popular concert or show.

02:34 Third, make time for team building. Having your employees together is a great time to engage in a few fun activities that foster teamwork and bonding.

03:07 Also remember to focus on food and fun. Whether it’s formal or casual, make sure your party is one you personally would want to attend.

03:34 Lastly, serve alcohol safely. If you want to minimize the chance of over-consumption, skip the traditional open bar. Instead, provide a limited number of cocktail tickets then move to a cash bar.



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