Prepping for the Performance Review (Delivering Performance Appraisals – Part 3)

Delivering Performance Appraisals - Part 3
0:04 Today, we’re going to discuss preparing for performance reviews, and offer some simple steps you can take to ensure that your reviews are as successful and stress-free as possible.

0:40 Preparing thoroughly for employee performance reviews is one of the best things you can do to ensure a productive conversation and help strengthen the relationship with your employee.

1:08 You should be offering feedback – both praise and constructive criticism – on a regular basis, so that nothing in the review comes as a shock to your employee.

1:18 As a manager, you should be gathering data on your employees all year long.

1:36 Consider asking for input from your employees’ colleagues and clients, who can offer a different perspective than yours.

1:45 A performance review is most effective when you encourage a dialogue, so it’s important to have your employee prepare in advance as well.

2:03 Asking for a self-evaluation reminds employees that they are indeed part of the process, and that their input is valued.

2:17 As you prepare your review, be as brief and specific as possible.

2:23 You’re evaluating performance, not personality.

2:27 Focus on things that can be measured or documented, and use language related directly to the tasks and responsibilities of the job.

2:39 You don’t want to overwhelm your employee during the review.

2:43 If you have a number of key problem areas to address, be sure you provide a clear, concise explanation of the issues with examples.


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