How to Hire Top Talent for Your Business – Part 1

How to Hire Top Talent Part 1


00:02 We are talking about Recruiting Strategies that you can implement today to ‘Draw Top Talent’ to your business with a well-rounded compensation and benefits package

00:49 Attracting the right people is essential to positioning your company for growth and success.
01:01 Lead the competition on two fronts

01:05  1. Offer an attractive compensation and benefits package

01:09  2. Showcasing your corporate brand and culture

01:16 Here are 5 components to consider in your compensation and benefits package

01:21  1. Competitive Salary

01:23 2. Bonus or Incentives

01:27 3. Health and Life insurance

01:30 4. Retirement plans

01:34  Finally, offer benefits such as childcare or gym memberships

01:45 Consider whether employee is exempt or non-exempt under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)


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