How to Hire Top Talent for Your Business – Part 2

How to Draw Top Talent (Part 2)

00:00 Welcome to part 2 of our discussion about Recruiting Strategies that you can implement today to ‘Draw Top Talent’ to your business with a well-rounded compensation and benefits package and how-to leverage your Corporate Culture and Brand during the recruitment process.

00:53 Let’s summarize 5 components to consider in your compensation and benefits package

01:26 How-to leverage your Corporate Culture during the recruitment process.

01:36 Important to evaluate your company in relation to your competition, in terms of work environment, corporate brand and work flexibility.

01:43 Establishing a few new policies and procedures can enhance your corporate culture and make your company a big draw for rising stars in your industry.

01:57 Steps to improve your corporate culture

02:00 1. Offer benefits like telecommuting or flexible working arrangements

02:08 2. Offer training/courses/certifications to boost your employee’s careers

02:15 3. Have a positive company brand in the industry

02:22 Have a friendly corporate environment is key

02:38 5. Design a straightforward, friendly and professional interview process

02:49 Your best opportunity to impress them with the vision of who you are and how they’d fit in your organization.

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