How to Avoid 5 Performance Review Mistakes

Performance Review Mistakes

0:02 Performance review mistakes are easy to make.
0:38 A manager’s guide to avoiding 5 performance review mistakes.
0:44 First, be a strong communicator.
0:47 You are responsible for your employees.
0:52 Review performance, award pay increases, supporting employee advancement, and providing feedback and constructive criticism.
1:13 Secondly, minimize the stress of the situation. Pick a time where you can conduct an in-depth conversation without interruption.
1:31 Have the meeting in a private place that promotes discussion.
1:40 Thirdly, take time to prepare.
2:17 Make sure your review system complies with state and federal laws.
2:28 Avoid any statements or actions that can be construed as discriminatory.
2:41 Fourthly, be direct, factual and detail oriented.
2:49 A performance review can serve as documentation for an eventual termination.
3:10 Give the employee an overview of the areas you want to discuss.
3:22 Offer specific examples of what your employee did well to support the company.
3:30 Any suggestions or plans of action should focus on job-related performance and responsibilities.
3:47 Choose your language carefully.
4:28 Our online HR library offers a guide to successful performance review language, which is available under “Performance Review Preparation” in our Forms and Policies section
4:40 Do not address an employees’ personal problems.
5:04 Reviews are more than just a measure of how well an employee does his or her job.
5:10 They are an opportunity to open channels of communication and increase worker loyalty and engagement.


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