How to Deliver Negative Feedback Fairly and Effectively

Delivering Negative Feedback

0:02 How to Deliver Negative Feedback Fairly and Effectively.
0:07 As a manager, you may find yourself avoiding these conversations in an effort to spare employees’ feelings.
0:44 You aren’t doing your employee any favors by withholding constructive criticism about where he or she needs to improve.
1:03 Provide constructive feedback regularly, rather than waiting for a formal review.
1:10 You do need to pay attention to the language you use when having these types of conversations.
1:17 Avoid any language or description of the employee that might be discriminatory according to state or federal labor law.
1:26 Be factual and limit your comments to performance rather than personality.
1:55 Start off by getting right to the point.
2:03 Outline where you are going with the conversation.
2:15 Fill the employee in with what you know about the situation or performance gap.
2:27 Carefully outline the consequences that await if there is no improvement in performance or a change in behavior.
2:42 You need to hear what the employee has to say.
3:05 Communicate a plan of action.
3:15 Summarize the conversation from both ends, finishing up with an outline of each person’s responsibilities going forward.
3:32 Delivering negative feedback isn’t easy, but it is critical to your employees’ performance and your company’s success.
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