How to Keep Company Information Confidential

How To Keep Company Information Confidential

0:02 Maintaining the confidentiality of valuable company information– such things as customer lists, trade secrets, and other proprietary data– can be a challenge, both during the course of an individual’s employment and after an employee leaves the company.

0:53 As an employer, you may consider requiring that certain employees sign agreements.

1:02 Non-competition agreements, which prohibit them from working for a competitor or engaging in activities that compete with your business.

1:08 Non-solicitation agreements, which prohibit luring your customers or other employees to a competing business.

1:16 Confidentiality agreements, which prohibit disclosing confidential information to anyone outside the company or anyone within the company who is not authorized to receive the information.

1:30 It’s important to note that these agreements are generally governed by state law; therefore, the validity and enforceability of these contracts will vary from state to state.

1:55 The following 5 considerations should be kept in mind when preparing a non-competition/non-solicitation agreement or confidentiality agreements.

2:30 Keep in mind that these agreements should be part of a larger effort to maintain the privacy of proprietary information and protect your company.

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