3 Steps to Prepare for the Termination Meeting

Preparing for the Termination Meeting

0:02 Steps you should take to prepare yourself for a termination meeting.

0:37 The first step in preparing for a termination meeting is to thoroughly review the employee’s personnel file.

0:45 Be sure to familiarize yourself with the employee’s work record and the reason for termination.

0:53 Explain to the employee why the decision to terminate his or her employment was made.

1:00 Providing a false explanation may later support an employee claim that the reason was a pretext for unlawful discrimination or other unlawful treatment.

1:11 Identify property to be returned, such as keys, access cards, and company credit cards.

1:18 Prepare the employee’s final paycheck.

1:40 Prepare a termination packet to be hand-delivered at the termination meeting.

1:45 The packet should include a termination letter, benefits summary, and information regarding unemployment compensation.


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