The ABCs of Minimizing Workplace Stress

workplace stress

00:37 According to the American Psychological Association, work is a commonly reported source of stress for Americans, second only to money. And even more troubling, 1 in 5 individuals never engage in an activity to help relieve or manage stress.

00:52 Long work hours, concerns about job security, and other job-related stressors can cause symptoms such as tension and irritability, inability to make decisions or concentrate, feelings of powerlessness and anger, physical ailments, and risky behaviors such as increased use of alcohol and drugs or even violence–none of which make for a happy and productive workplace.

01:14 Certain industries and work environments–such as restaurants, emergency rooms, and retail stores–can be inherently stressful, and every employee has his or her own threshold for tolerating and managing stress.

01:39 Stress management should be an important part of your overall health and wellness efforts. Your individual solutions will be unique to your business, but use the ABCs as your guide.

01:52 Acknowledge the problem. Senior executives and managers need to recognize when workplace stress is hampering morale and productivity, and publicly commit to addressing the problem.

02:04 Brainstorm. Meet with your managers and employees at all levels to find out precisely what is causing them stress.

02:40 As you implement programs, you need to get creative. Consider adjusting work hours, shifting employees internally or hiring part-time help for crunch periods. Give extra breaks during the day to allow your employees to stretch and refocus, and make it fun.

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