The Termination Meeting

Fired from job

0:37 Terminating employees may be a necessary reality of the workplace.

0:47 If possible, schedule the meeting at the end of the workday or prior to a weekend.

0:58 Try to avoid termination during a holiday.

1:13 Generally, a termination meeting should involve two management personnel.

1:19 The witness may take notes if helpful.

1:22 The presence of a witness, preferably one of the same gender as the terminated employee, will help to negate any claims of harassment or inappropriate action during the termination meeting.

1:50 If the employer has any reason to expect the possibility of violence, it is wise to take extra security measures.

2:07 The tone of the meeting should be one of dignified professionalism.

2:15 The manager responsible for informing the employee of his or her termination may wish to make notes outlining key points to be discussed with the employee.

2:28 The employee must know that the decision is final and the employee will not be able to debate the decision.

2:30 If the employee becomes emotional or agitated, the managers conducting the meeting must remain calm.

2:46 No employee is happy about being terminated.

2:59 The employer should clearly explain a simple and legitimate reason for termination.

3:05 If the employee complains that the termination is for an unlawful reason, it is important to listen carefully and document the allegations.

3:10 The employer needs to discuss how future references for employment will be handled and plan for return of company property.

3:24 The employee must be given the opportunity to gather his or her personal belongings.


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