What Makes Employees Leave and What You Can Do About It

What Makes Employees Leave and What You Can Do About It
0:14 According to LinkedIn’s findings, 85% of the global workforce is actively looking for a new job, reaching out to personal networks, or remaining open to speak with recruiters.

1:01 Think about it: more than 8 in 10 of your employees are looking for a new job or are open to leaving your company.

1:37 The passive employees were asked what would convince them to change employers, and they responded, in order of importance, with: better compensation and benefits; better work/life balance; and better opportunities for advancement.

2:00 Individuals actively looking for their next job cited greater opportunities for advancement as their number one motivation to switch careers, followed by better compensation and benefits, and more challenging work.

2:15 Taken together, these findings identify areas that you, as a manager or supervisor, should pay careful attention to.

2:20 Make sure that your employees are being paid and compensated competitively and that they are aware of their opportunities for advancement.

2:34 Our salary benchmarking tool will give you the latest salary data on more than 800 different positions and 50,000 job titles, broken down by national, state, and metro area.


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