How To Conduct an Exit Interview

The Exit Interview

0:03 How to Conduct an Exit Interview 0:21 An employee leaving your company often has a lot of knowledge about your business and workplace 0:30 A final-sit down may be valuable to your company going forward 0:43 Benefits of an Exit Interview 1:10 A manager, supervisor or HR personnel should conduct the exit interview 1:40 […]

The Termination Meeting

0:37 Terminating employees may be a necessary reality of the workplace. 0:47 If possible, schedule the meeting at the end of the workday or prior to a weekend. 0:58 Try to avoid termination during a holiday. 1:13 Generally, a termination meeting should involve two management personnel. 1:19 The witness may take notes if helpful. 1:22 […]

3 Steps to Prepare for the Termination Meeting

0:02 Steps you should take to prepare yourself for a termination meeting. 0:37 The first step in preparing for a termination meeting is to thoroughly review the employee’s personnel file. 0:45 Be sure to familiarize yourself with the employee’s work record and the reason for termination. 0:53 Explain to the employee why the decision to […]

Firing a Problem Employee

Firing a Problem Employee

0:00 Firing a problem employee is never easy 0:24 Firing a Problem Employee: Protecting your Company against Lawsuits 0:33 Employee that is difficult or disgruntled in the workplace is likely to be all the more when confronted with being let go 0:46 Keeping employee records is very important 0:49 Performance reviews, disciplinary notices, and performance […]

How to Deliver Negative Feedback Fairly and Effectively

Delivering Negative Feedback

0:02 How to Deliver Negative Feedback Fairly and Effectively. 0:07 As a manager, you may find yourself avoiding these conversations in an effort to spare employees’ feelings. 0:44 You aren’t doing your employee any favors by withholding constructive criticism about where he or she needs to improve. 1:03 Provide constructive feedback regularly, rather than waiting […]

How to Avoid 5 Performance Review Mistakes

Performance Review Mistakes

0:02 Performance review mistakes are easy to make. 0:38 A manager’s guide to avoiding 5 performance review mistakes. 0:44 First, be a strong communicator. 0:47 You are responsible for your employees. 0:52 Review performance, award pay increases, supporting employee advancement, and providing feedback and constructive criticism. 1:13 Secondly, minimize the stress of the situation. Pick […]

Prepping for the Performance Review (Delivering Performance Appraisals – Part 3)

Delivering Performance Appraisals - Part 3

0:04 Today, we’re going to discuss preparing for performance reviews, and offer some simple steps you can take to ensure that your reviews are as successful and stress-free as possible. 0:40 Preparing thoroughly for employee performance reviews is one of the best things you can do to ensure a productive conversation and help strengthen the […]

The Employee Handbook Guide

Employee Handbook Guide

0:42 While the policies outlined in your handbook will reflect your company’s own unique culture, it is important to consider federal, state and local laws and regulations that may affect your business when drafting your employee handbook 1:05 Your handbook should first serve as a welcome to employees. Set the tone for your work environment […]

Minimum Wage and Overtime Pay for Tipped and Retail Employees Under the Fair Labor Standards Act


00:01 The Fair Labor Standards Act, or FLSA, is a federal law that sets basic standards for minimum wage and overtime pay. 00:49 By definition, tipped employees are those who customarily and regularly receive more than $30 per month in tips. For such individuals, the FLSA permits an employer to use these tips as a […]