5 Moves to Help Managers Minimize Lawsuits

Help Managers Minimize Lawsuits

00:13 Strong managers build your company’s profitability and reputation as a great place to work. But even great managers, with the best of intentions, can inadvertently make mistakes that might expose your company to lawsuits and fines. 00:58 Your managers, who are the first line of employee contact, have the power to minimize some of […]

Post-Termination Employer Issues and Responsibilities

Post-Termination Employer Issues + Responsibilities

0:05 Post- Termination Employer Issues and Responsibilities 0:08 Discharge of an employee does not necessarily end the employer’s relationship with the employee 0:40 Former employee may have an ongoing connection to the employer 1:15 Group health plans sponsored by employers with 20 more employees are subject to COBRA 1:45 Group health plans are required to […]