How to Avoid 5 Performance Review Mistakes

Performance Review Mistakes

0:02 Performance review mistakes are easy to make. 0:38 A manager’s guide to avoiding 5 performance review mistakes. 0:44 First, be a strong communicator. 0:47 You are responsible for your employees. 0:52 Review performance, award pay increases, supporting employee advancement, and providing feedback and constructive criticism. 1:13 Secondly, minimize the stress of the situation. Pick […]

Prepping for the Performance Review (Delivering Performance Appraisals – Part 3)

Delivering Performance Appraisals - Part 3

0:04 Today, we’re going to discuss preparing for performance reviews, and offer some simple steps you can take to ensure that your reviews are as successful and stress-free as possible. 0:40 Preparing thoroughly for employee performance reviews is one of the best things you can do to ensure a productive conversation and help strengthen the […]

Delivering Performance Appraisals – Part 4

Performance Reviews

0:07 In this segment, we’ll discuss the performance review meeting itself, and what you can do to make it a success for you and your employee alike. 0:47 First, give the employee plenty of notice, and remember that, with performance reviews, timing is really important. 1:01 Schedule at least an hour for the review, preferably […]

Delivering Performance Appraisals – Part 2

Delivering Performance Appraisals - Part 2

0:02 Today, we’re going to discuss negative feedback and the role that it plays in the performance appraisal. 0:46 Addressing performance issues head-on is important both for helping your employees improve, and for creating records that allow you to track an employee’s progress and support any adverse personnel decisions that may become necessary—such as a […]

Delivering Performance Appraisals – Part 1

Delivering Performance Appraisals - Part 1

0:03 Performance reviews benefit both you and your employees. We’ll offer guidelines and tips to keep you on track throughout the review process. 0:48 A careful and thoughtful review can help guide your employees’ performance, compensation, and professional development all year long. 0:59 Reviews help align employees’ individual goals with those of your business, and […]

The Importance of Employee Performance Reviews

0:03 We’re going to talk about employee performance reviews and how they play a key role in helping to guide employees’ performance, compensation, and professional development. 0:40 Employers should review the employee’s overall performance based upon specific, job-related criteria and provide concrete examples related to performance issues. 0:51 Be sure that your documentation is direct, […]