The Termination Meeting

0:37 Terminating employees may be a necessary reality of the workplace. 0:47 If possible, schedule the meeting at the end of the workday or prior to a weekend. 0:58 Try to avoid termination during a holiday. 1:13 Generally, a termination meeting should involve two management personnel. 1:19 The witness may take notes if helpful. 1:22 […]

3 Steps to Prepare for the Termination Meeting

0:02 Steps you should take to prepare yourself for a termination meeting. 0:37 The first step in preparing for a termination meeting is to thoroughly review the employee’s personnel file. 0:45 Be sure to familiarize yourself with the employee’s work record and the reason for termination. 0:53 Explain to the employee why the decision to […]

Firing a Problem Employee

Firing a Problem Employee

0:00 Firing a problem employee is never easy 0:24 Firing a Problem Employee: Protecting your Company against Lawsuits 0:33 Employee that is difficult or disgruntled in the workplace is likely to be all the more when confronted with being let go 0:46 Keeping employee records is very important 0:49 Performance reviews, disciplinary notices, and performance […]

Introduction to Termination

You Are Fired

0:03 There are two types of meetings that an employer may have with a departing employee. 0:39 There are two types of termination meetings. 0:54 The termination meeting held in conjunction with an involuntary termination. 1:08 The termination meeting is the employer’s opportunity to explain the reason for termination and provide a termination packet, which […]